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The Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook 1

The Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook 2 - A Hunter and Gatherer's Guide


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Move over celebrity chefs - it's the
Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook!

Learn to cook the fun way – with this distinctively Aussie series of cookbooks designed so that even the novice can succeed!

No flashy kitchens or highly paid staff, no fancy or expensive ingredients, no complicated words or instructions – just good old fashioned food that will make cooking seem like a breeze!

The Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook 2
‘A Hunter and Gatherer’s Guide’

The Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook 2 - A Hunter and Gatherer's Guide

The second book in the series will help you take your culinary skills to a whole new level with simple ‘how to’ instructions and recipes and tips to back them up.

Forget about the fast foods; this book aims to take you on a journey into creating fantastic wholesome foods from scratch. It contains a step-by-step guide to many time honoured techniques and has the recipes and tips to back them up.

More than just a cookbook, it also delves into such foreign subjects as how to set a table, cleaning out a stinky fridge, rookie tips for the gluten free guest and starting your own garden; as well as dedicating in-depth sections to my all-time favourite things – Seafood, Camping and Christmas.

Now that you are on a roll from book one, two, four, six, eight – keep going, don’t wait!


WARNING: For your own health and well being, do not leave this book unattended on the shelf for long periods of time!


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Cookbook photosSushi

“I think you have pulled it off perfectly! Straight away the
book looks fun and approachable.

The presentation
of food is non-
intimidating and looks ‘real’ and achievable.

Your introduction hits the nail on the head. Society has lost the plot and we need to retrain our kids to enjoy ‘real’ food again and show them it’s
not too hard or time consuming….”

Amanda Porter

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