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The Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook 1

The Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook 2 - A Hunter and Gatherer's Guide


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Handy tips

Between the pages of The Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook series you will find dozens of ways to save time and money, along with many useful tips for the beginner. 

The Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook 2
‘A Hunter and Gatherer’s Guide'

Included in book two are tips on:

  • how to clean and prepare fresh seafood
  • how to set a table
  • rookie tips for the gluten free guest
  • camping tips and tricks
  • how to excel at garage sales
  • understanding the different meats in the supermarket
  • the art of preserving
  • making your own bread and pasta
  • as well as starting your own box garden

Handy Tip #1

Scary Times – Cleaning out the Fridge


  • Obviously the first step is to find the offending items in your fridge and remove them.
  • I am assuming there will be more than one.
  • Remove the entire contents of your fridge and wipe up any spills and slime with hot water and detergent. This is the perfect time to have a cull.
  • Place a squirt of vanilla essence in a bowl of clean water and use a cloth to wipe over all of the shelves. This will add a pleasant smell to your fridge.
  • As extra insurance you can place a small, open dish of bicarb soda somewhere inside as this tends to absorb bad odours. (Good trick for the bedroom maybe?)


  • Avoid potential food poisoning by making sure your raw meats are either well wrapped or in plastic containers. These should be stored on the lowest shelf in case of any drips, as these can easily contaminate other foods.
  • Buy a cheap but solid tray or basket in which to store some of your condiments. You can then lift the tray out easily to get what you want and avoid having to pull out fifteen different jars to get to the one at the back.


The Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook 1

Tips include:

  • a photographic Essential Kitchen Tool Kit showing recommended kitchen equipment
  • shopping short cuts
  • advice on what to buy and where to find it
  • tips for storing foods
  • heaps of handy hints
  • and last but not least, how to avoid ending up at the local hospital!

Handy Tip #2

The Veggie Guide – How to find a swede when you’re not in Sweden! Try our Veggie Guide Quiz!

It seems that there would be little point sending someone to shop for ingredients if they have little or no idea what they were looking for. And, it is certainly apparent that many new cooks, young and old, cannot identify simple everyday ingredients such as vegetables.

So, how does one find a swede when you’re not in Sweden? 

Simple! To avoid walking around the shop looking for a tall blonde with a European accent, just check out theVeggie Guide in The Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook to find out what not only a swede looks like, but a wide variety of different veggies.

Here you will find a photographic dictionary of all of the vegetables you need to make recipes from the book.

Check out the Veggie Guide Quiz below and see how many veggies you can name. (Answers are in the Aussie Dumb Arse Cookbook 1.)

The Veggie Guide Quiz!

If you are having difficulty, you may well be a candidate for this book!


For loads of other tips and advice to save you time and money, order your copy of:The Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook NOW!

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