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The Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook 1

The Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook 2 - A Hunter and Gatherer's Guide


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Lisa I owe you a big thankyou! A few of us teachers (who all live by ourselves) are getting together and having tea every Monday night. What originally was intended as quite a casual thing has become something more along the lines of My Kitchen Rules! It was my turn tonight - Lazy Guy's Lasagne and a Lemon Cheesecake did the trick! So thankyou! The Aussie Dumbarse Cookbook really saved me!
Caroline – Graduate Teacher

"Just a note to again congratulate you on your terrific book!"

"I just want you to know how much I enjoy your writing, and the evident care and thought you have given to layout, photos, cartoons, and making it p*ss easy for hopeless chefs like me to stay alive. Every page and perhaps every recipe sparkles with your wit and sense of fun, which makes it THE most enjoyable cookbook I've ever read. My kitchen shelves groan with books I've bought over the years, and which speak in a language only slightly less comprehensible than an expert’s lisp. I'm tossing them all out.

I particularly like the way in which you take the trouble to tell dumb arses like me where to find the ingredients you specify, which I suspect is a true first, rather than again some pro offhandedly saying you need four thingos of mid-Calathumpian peeled whotsits, without any indication of where one might find the damn things!

I'm truly delighted with your book, which you and your family and friends evidently had a ball putting together - that shines through every page. You absolutely deserve the success your book is enjoying."

Bruce Lindsay, Author of "The Chamberlain Story", "Lancia – 70 Years of Trailblazing" and his new book "Armstrong Siddeley - The Sphinx with the Heart of a Lion."

"This book has personally saved me from a diet of 2 minute noodles and KFC! Not only are the recipes EASY... but they fit into my Uni student BUDGET. This book is a must have for all country kids moving to the city for Uni!" Mikaela 22, Uni Student and self confessed tragic cook!

"I think you have pulled it off perfectly, particularly if your target is the 18 - 30 yrs group. The title is brilliant, as is cover photo. It straight away looks fun and approachable. The photos of the food are non-intimidating and "real". They look achievable.

The cover is what caught my eye as the book was sitting on top of a messy desk piled with papers etc.

I have 5 teenagers, four of them boys who all like to dabble in the kitchen - usually because their tummies are grumbling for more!

Your introduction hits the nail on the head. Society has lost the plot and we need to retrain our kids to enjoy ‘real food’ again and show them it's not too hard or time consuming.

I think your concept and product is superb and very timely. Congratulations and best of wishes on your venture of taking over the world! Where there's a will there's a way!" Amanda

"Wham! Bam! A book that beats all cookbooks! It is fun, full of colour, wonderful photos and practical easy to make recipes for beginners. We oldies will want one too!" Hilda, 80 something! - ‘Living Legend’ and regular newspaper columnist.

"It was my pleasure to look at your cookbook recently, and I am writing to say what a brilliant book and a great idea. Unfortunately I was told that they have all been sold and I cannot buy it until you have a publisher. I am hoping that this will happen very soon, because I would dearly love to buy some.

Can you please let me know when and where they will be available for sale, as I will certainly spread the word to all my friends, as I know they too will all want copies.

If you have a mailing list or some sort of contact registrar, please add my name so I can keep up with the progress.

Also, just a thought, could you please consider your book be sold at BIG W. I know a lot of people that do all their shopping there, especially books, so I’m thinking that would be a great outlet for sale.
Thanks, and all the best with the book."Chris

"I always thought I was a pretty good cook until I started using the Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook and then I realised I was doing it all wrong and I had to face up to the fact that I was in fact a cooking DA."
Brooke, 23 - Journalist

"I’ve been married 25 years and I’ve just served up my teenage son roast chicken, (which was raw in the middle), and rock hard potatoes! Bugger the teenagers – I need The Aussie Dumb A*se Cookbook! I gave my copy to my son – he’s a fantastic cook!" Heather, 47 - Harassed Farmer’s Wife (I can back a trailer though!!)

"If you were a dumb a*se when you bought this book, you certainly won’t be when you have finished with it. It is FANTASTIC, and an absolute credit to you!

I just wanted to let you know how absolutely delighted I am with your
book. Your recipes are tasty, easy and effortless. I am devastated mine has been cut up by a grandchild so please bring on The Aussie Dumb A*se Cook book again. A brilliant job Lisa!
Your book is jam packed with recipes that are mindful of the fact that we don’t need exotic ingredients and don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen cooking. I recommend it to everyone that comes to my house. I LOVE IT. Thank you Lisa." Chris, 50 something - Grandma

"From Dumb A*se to master chef, this will help you get there!"
Dion, 46 - Farmer.

"All Good Cooks would love this Cookbook."
Marlene, 50 ish, semi- retired.

"This is the book for when you can’t cook! Fiona, 50 - wife and mother of 2 fussy farmers, who love the way I cook now!!!"

"Lisa, your recipe book is just great, really a treasure!" Judith

"After wasting time searching through my 'trendy' cookbooks, it's so refreshing to pull out the 'Dumb A*se', real food never fails." 
, 31 - young stay at home Mum (yes young!)

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